DIY: LED-light with motion sensor in the cupboards.

In contrast to newer versions of the VW California, the T5 does not have lighting in the cupboards. Which is not really a big problem, because there’s already quite a few lights in the van. But it can come in handy sometimes in teh evening or at night. JBeing able to find what you are looking for without having to light up the entire van. So I figured it’d be nice to add it. I am howver, not very good with electricity and couldn’t seem myself hooking anything up to the van’s existing electrical system without horribly breaking stuff. And pulling electricity cable through the van just to add a light to a cupboard seemd a bit overkill. So I ended up choosing battery powered lights. For a mere 5 euros, I got a nice warm yellowish battery operated LED-strip , with motion sensor!

The LED-strip. Battery operated and with motion sensor.

The LED strip can easily be cut to the right size with a pair of household scissors. On the back there’s a 3M tape strip and the entire thing fits beautifully behond the upright ledge of the cupboard shelf. I placed the small block that hosues the batteries in teh corner, vertically. This way no usefull space is used up. It also makes sure the sensor registers movement the second you open the cupboard. See the result in the short video below.

In this video you see how the battery operated LED-strip with motion sensor works…

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