Brandrup sells a usefull accessory for the VW T4 (and T5 and T6) named ‘Kleiderhaken mit handtuchhalter’ in German. Which translates as ‘clothes hooks and dishclothholder’. A nice small addition to the van. To hang dishcloths above the kitchen or dry a pair of swimming shorts if need be. It’s however not much more then two hooks and an elastic cord. We can build that ourselves, can’t we?

Materials needed:

3 strips of nylon band
Elastic cordage
3 D-rings (or hooks)
3 rings
The original screws that are already in the van
A sewing machine

The original Brandrup version has two mounting points as can be seen in the picture below.

The original Brandrup version has two mounting points…

I myself went for a bit longer version with 3 mounting points. Start by cutting the bands to the right size. Place the D-rings inside the band and sew the bands shut. Pierce the bands to make a small hole for the screws. The screw goes through the band and into teh bus. Make sure you pull the elastic cordage tight enough so some weight can hang from it without it coming down too much. When you’re done put the originnal screw covers back over the screws.

The end result…